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Should I choose Private Nursery vs School nursery in Torfaen for my child?

Choosing childcare for a 3-4 year old isn’t easy, as there are so many options, and you aren’t just limited to the local primary school. As a parent, you can choose whether or not to put your 3 or 4 year old into a state nursery, or a private setting.

A private nursery in Torfaen such as Osbourne Lodge has so many benefits to you and your child over state nurseries provided in local schools. We provide not just childcare, but the same level of education, planning and regulation as state nurseries, but we are open longer hours, and are much more flexible.

Times that work for you!

With a state nursery, you are very limited. Your child will be offered either mornings or afternoon sessions, for only 2.5 hours a day. This isn’t easy to work around, and means you will most likely need additional wrap-around care, or family to help with childcare.

As a private nursery, Osbourne Lodge can offer your child a funded place for up to 30 hours a week, compared to the 2.5hrs a day offered through the state nursery. We can offer half or full day childcare, from 8am until 6pm – that’s up to 10 hours childcare a day.

Private nurseries like us are also open during the school holidays, unlike the state nurseries, meaning you can claim for 48 weeks of childcare a year, rather than the 39 weeks a year that the school is open. We don’t take inset days either, which means you don’t need to find different childcare arrangements for these days.

No need to arrange Wraparound Care

With Osbourne Lodge, there is also no need to worry about wraparound care, or arranging transport from school to another setting – we make sure your child has the same carers for the full day, meaning they benefit from a stronger relationship with their carer, and other children at the nursery.

Quality Education

We don’t just provide childcare, but also the all important education that state nurseries do. We follow the same Early Years Foundation Phase as state nurseries, and are regulated and inspected by ESTYN the schools inspectorate as well as the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), so your child will have the best possible start.

Social Development:

Children benefit from better social development when they are in the same setting for the full day with their friends and carers. They not only have the opportunity to learn together, but the chance to have meals together, rest and play together all day, so their day isn’t as disjointed as it would be if they were in a school setting for only a couple of hours a day.

Our well-trained staff strive to make each day diverse and fun for the children. We promote open ended play, which helps children’s imaginations develop further, letting them explore and create whatever they want with their friends. We also take advantage of facilities in the local community, taking the children to the library to take part in activities, Pontypool Park and visiting the dentist, local optician, and hopefully nursing homes again when we are allowed.

A Better Adult/Child ratio:

The ratio of carers to children is higher in private nursery, rather than state nurseries. We offer a 1:8 ratio (but we try to keep this to more like 1adult to 6 children), compared to the schools which have a ratio of 1 adult per 13 children. This gives your child more dedicated care, and developmental assistance where they need it.

Why choose Osbourne Lodge for your child?

There are so many benefits to choosing a private nursery over a state nursery, but why choose us?

  • We have a great town centre location in Pontypool, meaning we can take the children on some great local adventures, and it is very easy for you to drop your child off and pick them up.
  • We have over 20 years of experience of delivering pre-school education
  • We can give your child more dedicated care and education, with a higher staff:child ratio
  • We are inspected by ESTYN and the Care Inspectorate of Wales (CIW)
  • 30 hours of childcare and education – all with the same carers and in the same setting
  • We are open from 8am – 6pm, and children can attend for the full day, or half days
  • your child will have the same (or better) level of education as they would at a state nursery
  • No need for wraparound care, or arranging separate holiday and inset day childcare

Don’t wait – you will need to start your claim from the 5th of July, and book your place now – don’t wait until September!

Follow our Facebook page here, or speak to one of the team at Osbourne Lodge Nursery today on 01495 752234