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Quality Statement

Our families, children and team members are the best people to tell us how well we are doing, so we ask them! We use this information to produce a Quality Statement and to review what has been happening over the past year.

Here is our most recent Quality Statement:

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation there has been a delay in producing our annual Quality Statement. Here is our March 2019 review and we aim to update this as soon as possible. Many thanks for your understanding.

Quality Statement for Osbourne Lodge Nursery, March 2019

Thank you all for taking the time to complete the questionnaires we sent out, we had 14 responses.

The overall comments have been absolutely amazing and the staff are thrilled, a positive comment goes such a long way. We really do welcome your comments and it helps us to shape the future of the nursery and how we can continually improve.

100% of questionnaires rated helpfulness of staff and overall experience and care as top marks. This makes us very happy and we aim to continue to provide this level of attention. 13 out of 14 responses rated the cleanliness of the nursery and quality of play equipment as top marks. Only 1 gave us a rating of poor so we will address this personally to see where we can help to improve the experience for this customer.

10 out of 14 rated our menus as top marks for healthy eating, 3 rated us OK and 1 wasn’t sure. The menus are due for an update and this will be looked at carefully. We have removed puddings from our lunchtime meal and offer a choice of items such as yogurt, milk smoothie or cheese and cracker as an alternative. We believe in giving the children a choice which has spread out to our breakfast and snack offer where the children serve themselves from a choice of healthy cereals or fruit and veg. We have 2 staff members signed up to attend an Early Years Nutrition course so this will help steer us in the right direction also.

Quality of learning was rated top marks by 12 and good by 2. We are really happy with this and will continue to attend Early Years training courses to aid in the education of the children from birth to 5. We will be due an ESTYN inspection over the coming year or so and will feed back the results in due course, no date has been confirmed yet. (Update – Inspection by CIW & ESTYN completed October 2019)

Pre-school and Rising 3 parents, the majority of you would like some form of daily diary so you know what your child has been doing during their day with us. With having almost 40 children between these groups, it would take nearly all day just to complete these but can give you an overview of what the groups have been doing each week instead of what they have been doing over the month, as I do in the newsletter. We will trial this and please give me your comments and feedback in a few weeks!!! Look out for the weekly email updates via Mailchimp.

As far as progress reports go for the pre-school group, Clare and Kelly are continually observing and creating a profile for your child,  this shows their progression from when they started at nursery and will leave with them when they go to school, I will have a chat to Clare and see if we can get a condensed report out to you all termly, again, to do progress reports weekly or even monthly would take up a huge amount of time and again, the children’s care and education would suffer, please bear with me on this and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

We gain a great deal from family questionnaires, but we also gain a great deal from the children. The nursery staff monitor the views of the children closely by questioning, chatting and observing and continually make changes to reflect altering views and needs. If an area no longer sparks interest it will be moved around of changed totally. The attic has a massive array of resources which we rotate or bring down depending on the direction the children wish to take their learning. Each new season brings new opportunities allowing the children to help direct their day and direction of learning. We call this Seize the Season! Chat to Clare for more insight and we will be sending out parents information shortly.

We have many plans for the coming year which involves adding a loose parts play area to the garden, reducing the amount of plastic toys at Nursery and replacing these with more authentic items which spark creativity and exploration and finding a way to simplify the invoicing and statement systems for parents. We will keep you updated on these items.

We also wish to encourage more parental interaction so community trips, in Nursery family sessions and town events are being planned.

Looking back this has been a great year, the introduction of the 30 hour offer has helped improve the lives of so many families and feedback on this will be sought to help inform WAG of the impact.

Nikola continues to act as Chair for SE Wales NDNA Network of Nurseries, representing the area at WAG conferences and supporting other settings. She also sits as Chair of Friends of Pontypool Town, helping to rejuvenate the town centre for the good of the community. Lisa sits on the Education Appeals Panel, assisting TCBC in appeal decisions. The Nursery continues to be a member of the Federation of Small Business and National Day Nurseries Association and also attends Education and Support training and education best practice.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss anything detailed in this statement or if you have any further feedback you wish to add.

Many thanks from the Management Team – Nikola, Lisa & Clare

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