Parents Comments & Reviews


What parents say about our commitment to quality at

Osbourne Lodge Nursery


Our parents and customers at the Nursery are very important to us and we respect their views and wishes greatly.


We issue all parents with questionnaires on a regular basis to ensure we are giving the best care to their children and are meeting parents expectations. Further to this we have an open suggestions box for parents to air their views verbally or even anonymously and we are always open to new ideas.


Below is a sample of statements parents have made either in the questionnaires, suggestion box or on the numerous thank you cards we have through the year, every year! More independent comments can be seen on our Facebook page


“I am very happy with the nursery because the help and support that I have received for myself and E has made me so happy, the staff are fabulous very understanding and show so much dedication in their job.”


“The staff and management are always approachable and welcome any comments and try to the best of their abilities to solve any problems.”


“Always clean calm and organised. Fantastic staff with fantastic attitude towards carers and children.”


“Excellent staff well trained caring and committed. The nursery always feels a happy place to be. Because they are very child centred they give you their time to talk about your child even when they are so busy.”


“It is like one big family! All members of staff are great and H & D agree! I feel the H in particular will go to school bright and confident thanks to Osbourne Lodge.”


“…very pleased with the security of the nursery and the whole set up.”


“The first time I made a call to Osbourne Lodge they was very helpful, the nursery treats my both children as I would myself as a parent.”


“I completely trust the staff 100% with my daughters safety & well being.”


“Warm and friendly environment, staff are approachable & loving towards kids.”


“Great nursery, great staff. R*** & I enjoy seeing D develop, watching her ‘grow’ from her daily activities.”


“Who else would have looked after my baby better? No-one.”


“The environment is friendly & happy with lots of activity for the children, my child has not once at anytime not wanted to go to Nursery.”


“I know that when my daughter goes to Nursery every morning she will receive the care and attention that she would receive at home.”


“The girls do a fantastic job, especially Lisa and Jane who make the Nursery what it is”


“All the staff are always on hand to help, they treat everybody equally”


“Since going to Osbourne lodge my son has really come out of himself, thank you for taking such good care of him”


“Thank you so much for making such a difference to C……… life”


“My daughter has thrived since going to Osbourne Lodge”


“All the staff are approachable and make you feel comfortable about leaving your child there”


“Thank you for looking after us and keeping us happy for the last 4 years”


“All the staff at Osbourne Lodge give 110%, they are a credit to the Nursery as a business and to themselves”


“My son surprises me sometimes when he tells me what he’s done, its great!”


“Well when J…… arrived at Osbourne Lodge, you said your care was the best and I’m glad to say you more than delivered! You should be very proud of your staff, they are flawless. J…….. has grown into a well mannered young boy (most of the time). All down to your Nursery!”


“Every member of staff has been absolutely wonderful with C………. making her time there both educational and enjoyable, we really didn’t expect that when C………. started at the nursery so much effort would be spent on preparatory education giving her such a head start for formal schooling.”


“Osbourne Lodge has set very high standards & we were expecting the ‘new one’ (Nursery) to follow suit of which did not happen”