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Registration Form

This registration form forms a contract between Osbourne Lodge Nursery and the parents/carers of (ENTER NAME BELOW) who will be attending Osbourne Lodge Nursery, Osborne Road, Pontypool, Torfaen NP4 6LT in exchange for payment of the agreed fees.

Personal Details

Parent / Carer 1 Details

Parent / Carer 2 Details

Other Emergency Contacts - in addition to main carers

Important Info

Further Info

This registration form plus the nursery contract forms an agreement between you and the Nursery to care for your child in exchange for payment of the agreed fees. Failure to pay the fees within the agreed timescale will result in your child's nursery place being suspended.


Our current sessions are 8am to 1pm / 1pm to 6pm or 8am to 6pm

The nursery placement will start from the date below, once confirmed by the nursery. Nursery fees will be subject to annual review.

Length of notice
One month’s written notice or payment in lieu of notice is required from parents/carers if the child is to stop attending or reduce / change the days attending.
One month’s notice will be given by Osbourne Lodge Nursery if the nursery wishes the child to cease attending.

This contract is subject to the terms and conditions issued by Osbourne Lodge Nursery, the parents information pack and the policies and procedures on display in the nursery and I/we agree to abide by those.
I/we understand that it is our responsibility to update the nursery with any changes to our child’s details, i.e. home address, emergency contact numbers, vaccination record and so forth.
I/we understand that these terms and conditions are not intended to be exhaustive and accept that the policies and procedures in the nursery support these terms and conditions / agreement.
I/we agree that Osbourne Lodge Nursery has the right to call an ambulance in an emergency and/or escort my child to the emergency department of the nearest hospital and to await your arrival. Any decisions regarding your child’s care will then be made by the Emergency Department of the hospital until your arrival
I/we agree to pay the fees a month in advance for the above child on the date they fall due. I understand that failure to pay will result in the Nursery place being suspended and legal action being taken. The Torfaen NDNA Network will be informed of any parents leaving the Nursery with a debt owing. Fees are due if your child does not attend on agreed attendance days.
I/we agree to regularly bring my child along to any sessions booked under the 30 hour offer, Flying Start or Childcare Support. I agree to pay any additional fees due for hours not covered under the schemes and inform the nursery if my child cannot attend. I understand that attendance figures will be shared with the authorities and the funding will be withdrawn for irregular attendance.
I/we understand that fees are still due if my child does not attend.
I/we will advise the Nursery if my child is ill or is showing any signs of an infectious illness and will not attend the setting.
I/we understand that the Nursery is closed for 2 weeks over Christmas and these dates are not charged to me. Holiday club is maybe available over Christmas, these days must be paid separately to my usual contract.

Data Protection
Osbourne Lodge Nursery will process the personal information we hold about you fairly and lawfully. We will only ask for information where it is necessary for us to carry out our role safely in providing quality care and education to your child.
Osbourne Lodge Nursery will not share your information with other organisations without your consent unless where required by law. This may include the authorities where a safeguarding issue is being investigated, CIW as part of our regulatory inspections or Health Department in connection with Track, Trace and Protect.
Osbourne Lodge Nursery will securely store and protect your information with regard to data protection laws and GDPR 2018 for up to 22 years. Osbourne Lodge Nursery adhere to the Information Commissioner’s guidance on the use of CCTV equipment and hold a policy regarding its use.

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