Nursery Groups

Our Nursery Groups

Baby & Tots Group

Our baby and tots groups are managed by Lisa Jones, Natalie, Melissa, Shannon and Sophie. They look after babies from 6 weeks old  to 1 year and tots from 1 to 2 years.


The babies and tots in our care have a wonderful day filled with sleep, food and lots of fun and cuddles. They have their own changing area and cot room on the street level, with each child having their own bedding and designated cot. The baby room, and every room in the nursery, has a viewing panel to observe the children without disturbing them – which is especially useful for parents to look in on their child while they are settling in.


Activities babies and tots participate in:


  •     Singing
  •     Painting
  •     Drawing
  •     Dancing
  •     Storytime
  •     Water and sand play
  •     Soft play area
  •     Outdoor play
  •     Walks to the park and library ………and lots lots more!


Home cooked meals are provided for the babies once they start weaning, such as broccoli, sweet potato & cauliflower purée and apple & strawberry puddings, although we are happy for parents to bring in jars or their own prepared food if they prefer. Formular milk is provided by parents either ready prepared in bottles or powdered for us to make up when needed.
Parents are encouraged to have close contact with the nursery staff to discuss the day but a daily diary is also completed for each child.


On starting at the Nursery, we like the babies and tots to attend a few settling in sessions just to get the child used to the new surroundings and to allow parents to get to know us better. Settling in sessions usually last for an hour or two over a few days, booked by the Officer in Charge to suit parents and are free.


Parents are asked to provide nappies and formular milk for their child, however cows milk and weaning foods are included in the fees.

Toddler Group

The toddler group is run by Kelly & Becky who look after children between the ages of  2 to 3 years. The groups are very busy with lots of fun planned activities every day, its no wonder most of the children need a nap at lunch time.


The group is based on the lower floor along side the pre school group and have lots of different areas to use throughout the day, such as

  • rainbow room with sand and water play, art, ICT
  • cwtch room
  • soft play room
  • imaginary room
  • garden with lots of play equipment

The toddlers have a timetable to ensure they get lots of variety mingled in with rest and quiet times. Pontypool park is right on our door step and is used frequently by the groups for nature hunts, walks, games and education as well as the local library. The groups have a break of toast or cereal, fruit and a drink at 9.15am, fresh home cooked dinner at noon and a snack at 3.30pm, consisting of a variety of foods such as fruit, sandwiches, yoghurt and pasta.

Pre School Group

The pre school group is run by Clare Farrell with the support of Kelly and Sophie, who plan a busy day of learning and fun based around the foundation phase curriculum.

Each term a new theme is planned which is incorporated throughout the Nursery. The term and daily planning activities are regularly updated and displayed in the hall for parents to see. Regular parents evenings are planned and well attended for parents to chat to the staff and see their child’s development through the work they produce and photographs. Parents are also welcome to have a chat on a daily basis – we are here for you!

The nursery day is well planned to allow the children plenty of time for rest, education sessions and free play. Quiet areas are also provided for the children to go to if they need a break any time throughout the day.

The children have a snack at 9.15am of toast or cereal, milk and fruit during their circle time where they can discuss things which are important to them, this aids confidence and social speaking. At 12 noon the children have a fresh home cooked lunch and at 3.30pm the Nursery come together for afternoon snack of fruit, drinks and a varying array of healthy snacks.

The following areas are used for your child to progress:


  •     rainbow room with sand, water, ICT and games
  •     soft play room
  •     Imagination room
  •     cwtch room
  •     Art studio
  •     Large garden
  •     Local area, Pontypool Park & Library

As Registered Education Providers for Torfaen, we provide the same level of education you would expect from any state Nursery and have the same inspections by ESTYN to ensure the quality remains high. Funding is available from the Education Authority to help pay the Nursery fees when your child turns 3. We access the funding on your behalf – please see our page on child care fees.

When a new toddler or pre school child starts at the nursery it is very important for them to visit a few times beforehand so they get used to the environment and the people who will be caring for them. The settling in sessions are free and planned by the Officer in Charge. Parents are requested to bring nappies for the toddlers until they are potty trained which we will help with, always directed by parents.